Expert Software Systems President Biography

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Expert Software Systems President Biography

Douglas R. Hayman founded Expert Software systems in 1984. Initially, the main focus of the company was the development of sophisticated database applications in the financial, commercial, and scientific industries. Douglas worked as a high-level IT Director for a large international financial services company for 13 years, and was responsible for designing and implementing a large institutional foreign exchange trading system. In 1996, Douglas and his Expert Software Systems team, ventured out onto the Internet, and the creation of the domain was born. On the internet, Expert Software Systems has successfully designed and implemented a myriad of web-based database financial applications, and has been extremely active with the creation of websites to support affiliate marketing activity. Douglas and his succesful team have pursued Expert Software Systems' endeavors full-time since 2002. They remain a highly profitable private organization today. Their main focus includes web design, database programming, SEO, PPC, CRM, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Financial Consulting (budgeting and retirement calculation), and Inside Sales (using all of the above areas of expertise).

Douglas possesses a B.S. degree in Economics and a M.S. in Computer Science, both from Stony Brook University, in Stony Brook, NY.

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